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Great Race (12/7/08)

Hi there, just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who helped to make the Stonehaven half marathon happen, yet again it was a superb event very well organised and a credit to the town and all who were involved. These days so many half marathons are either folding, being forced off the road on so called safety grounds by the nanny state or being organised by management companies with the resulting high entry fees it is great to still have a local event organised so well, I sincerely hope the event is around for many years to come. Also really enjoyed my swim in the open air pool, another great asset to Stonehaven

Best Regards Kevin Tulloch

Usual Stoney Half (12/7/08)

Thats my seventh Stoney half on the trot (no pun inteneded) I think, and its the same every year. Well organised, great facilities, great course. Please keep up the good work - thanks to all helpers without whom it couldn`t happen.

George McPherson

 Thanks (22/7/08)

To add my thanks to those above, to say thanks to everyone involved in the hard work of organising and holding the event. I enjoyed it thoroughly and look forward to taking part again.


Re: Great Race (24/7/08)

The committee are really pleased that you enjoyed the event and will do are best to keep it going. Also glad you enjoyed the swim - we have to thank the Friends of the Pool for that.

Regards Frances (Member of organising committee)

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