Comments from 2010


My first ever half marathon and I loved it, wind and rain notwithstanding! Many thanks to everyone involved. Will be back next year, definitely!’                                                 Sheri

‘Big thanks to everyone for putting on another great race. The efforts of all the volunteers who were out in the dismal weather are very much appreciated.
Hopefully the delays in registration at the start can all be ironed out for next year.’

‘2nd time I've run the SHM - 6 mins off my time last year! I put it down to the refreshing conditions.
Many thanks to the organisers - marshalls, water teams, police, piper and everyone supporting round the course to make this a very special event. ‘

‘Thank you to all who helped out in any shape or form to made this year's race possible.’    Campbell

‘Can I just say congratulations to the organisers for once again putting on a great race. This is my second time running the Stoney half and I have to say I enjoyed it even more this year than I did last year, even though the weather conditions were less than ideal.
It's such a friendly race to take part in with great support from both the marshalls and fellow runners, and the route itself is visually stunning even if it is challenging in places. The marshalls and other volunteers on the course deserve a hearty thanks for their cheerful support of the event in what must have been terrible conditions to stand around in!’

‘Well, a big thankyou to the race organisers, this was my first Stonehaven Half and thanks to you all it definitely won’t be my last. Dispite the "light drizzle and mild winds" I managed a PB which made it all the better. Thanks again, see you next year.’     Mike Dinsdale

‘As always, thank you to the organisers, the marshalls, water station staff, and the supporters along the route. A special thank you to Fraser Clyne (who did not accept my challenge from last year!!!) for his 'kind' words of encouragement at the finish. If he had fully researched for his role, he would have noted the distinct improvement on my time from last year!! ;)’            Paul Williamson

‘Thanks to the organisers of the race and the marshalls along the route. The weather, and the hills, were terrible but the race was great...roll on next year!’       David

‘Nice event, I had a good run despite the wind and rain! Bravo for the organising committee and all supporters!!!’         Chen Chee Kong

‘I am sure I express the view of all runners that the marshalls and drinks volunteers deserve enormous credit for giving up their usual Sunday to help us through a traditional Scottish summer day's weather. The organising committee and all other non-runners deserve great credit. Finally to Cheryl for her dignified presentation.’             Dannyb

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