Comments from 2014


Roy : A big thank you to the Organizers, First Aiders Marshals, Water teams, People handing out the Jelly babies, General Supporters on the route, the people who provided and helped with the excellent spread of food at the end of the race. Sorry if I missed anyone out.
The weather was kind to the many helpers and support teams but I think many runners did not appreciate the heat and flies. we wont mention the lovely hills!
I think there were some runners over the age of 70 taking part in the race so any chance of an award to the first male and female next year
See you 2015.


DUGALD BRUCE : Another well organised event folks. Thanks to all in the background and to the Marshalls, Water Stop Teams and all the other support staff. Less flies next year would be great if you could manage that. 
thanks again, D


Sheena: Thank you to all concerned with this race. I found it tough - the hills, the heat and the flies! I entered on the day and hung around for a couple of hours until the race started. I should have used this time for a wee kip if I'd known what was ahead! Totally impressed by the ample provision of water out on the course and ate my own body weight in jelly babies out there! Marshals and supporters were great. Had great company throughout the race and it's one of the friendliest I've done. The feast at the end was just superb. Would love to say I would do it again...but think it is just a bit too tough for this 'un! Communication with the race organisers prior to entry was also excellent. Thanks again.


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