Timing Chips

Accurate timing for individuals will be achieved through the use of timing chips. Each runner must pick up a timing chip which matches their running number. These chips together with the running number can be picked up prior to the race from the area set up for this at Mineralwell Park. Each runner should secure this chip around their ankle with the strap provided, please DO NOT tie on shoe laces, put in a pocket of your running gear or pin to your running number as this could mean that the chip will fail to register when you cross the mats and you will NOT get a time or placing for this event. In order to get an accurate time each runner needs to go over the start and finish mats. At the finish there will be an area for each runner to return the timing chip. Be careful not to damage the chip when removing,  there will be people there to help remove the strap by cutting it off with blunt scissors. Please make sure you return the chip on the day.

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