Safety Matters


Our most important priority is to make sure that our event is safe for runners and spectators.  We are prepared, Make sure you are by being familiar with our safety requirements.

Our race is “Open Road” and you will be sharing the route with cars.  The route is signposted but please be aware at all times of traffic risk

  1. Always observe instructions given by marshals and the police who will be at key junctions along the route.   In one or two points you will be crossing roads.  If it’s not safe to cross – don’t. 
  2. Runners should not wear headphones
  3. Should you need medical assistance during the race, contact a marshal or you can get help at a water station if one is near.  We will have one or two marshals on bikes along part of the course.  If there is not a marshal close by, ask a runner to speak to the next marshal point. 
  4. If you are in difficulty and have a mobile phone signal phone 101 and state you are in the Stonehaven Half Marathon and need assistance.
  5. Our race is in July.  It can get hot and a lot of the course is not in shade.  Make sure you are properly protected from the sun, and adequately hydrated at the start.   Though we have water stations take liquid with you at the start if you want.
  6. Do not run the race if you are feeling unwell in any way. 
  7. Make sure you write your name and emergency contact details on the back of your race number.  If you have a medical condition or take medication, write it there too. 
  8. If you pull out of the race then please let us know by phoning or texting 07976 893982 so we know you are safe.  You will need to deliver your timing chip. 
  9. Be aware that last year there were a number of flies in the forest at around the half way point and they are more likely to come out if it’s been wet and humid.   Wear repellent if you wish.   



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