Comments from 2007

My first half marathon, so a grateful thanks for the following:

The enthusiasm of all the marshals and helpers.

The two guys in front of me for setting a good pace that got me under 2 hours.

The weather!

Hope I can make it next year.

Ian Anderson


Thank you very much Stonehaven a perfect day for a half. Thank you all helpers it was appreciated.



My first half marathon and hopefully the first of many. Very tough at the time but already great to think back on. Thanks to all the organisers, helpers and everyone for giving encouragement along the way. Very much appreciated.

Bruce Craig


Well done the organising committee once again. Looked like a typical Stoney half - tough and wet ! All the best from a very wet Devon.

Charles Mossman


As per my comments last year, a huge thanks to all the organisers, Marshalls, water station volunteers, the vocal locals, and not forgetting my fellow runners!!! The weather helped make it a more enjoyable day! I would have dreaded clear blue sky, the heat, and the sight of the elite (and just generally fit runners) on the opposite side of the valley on the Slug Road!

Many thanks also to Fraser "Too scared to take me on" Clyne, for the kind words of encouragement over the tannoy at the end!

Roll on next year!

Paul Williamson


Thanks to the organisers for a great day. Also, thank goodness for the mist as it meant that we couldn't see the mountainous course stretching ahead! The hills were an absolute killer and got me my slowest ever recorded mile time!! Mile 4 - 14:00 PANTS! I would like to request that the course be suitably ironed flat for wimps like me next year!

Sian Lamb and Marie Forrest (Aberdeen)


Thanks to all the organising committee, the marshalls, water station folks and anyone else who gave up their time to help out. I marshalled last year, and know what it's like to hang around in the rain with cold feet so as a runner I really appreciate it! The weather didn't have an adverse effect on my time and I was pleased to get a new PB by over 3 minutes. Thanks for the medals and goody bags - much appreciated. Organisation spot on as usual - keep up the good work for next year. Oh, and thanks to all the other runners who had a brief chit-chat with me on the way round.

Melanie Torrance


Well done organisers and marshals - yet again, a tough but enjoyable (now it's finished!) event. Support was great and well done for such well organised water stops.

Tracey Innes


Thank goodness for the mist this year - I couldn`t bear to see Phil Mann disappearing into the distance. Usual Stoney half, superb organisation as usual. Keep it up, thanks to all

George McPherson


My congratulations to all who made the 2007 event possible. The pre-race info, marshalling, water stations & encouragement along the way was fantastic. My last 'Stonie Half' had been in 2002 when I didn't have a good run. While work commitments & injuries have kept me away, I just had to get back to this local 'toughie'.

John Matheson


I may have been the slowest on the day but am still very proud to have finished. Thank you to everyone (marshals, police, drinks stations and spectators). This was my first big race and despite the hilly start I would recommend it to any one. The weather may not have been great but the atmosphere and support were. A special thank you to the two girls that finished before me. It was nice to see you waited and cheered as I finished.
Thank you for a great day

Nicola Ewen


Great race again, the rain is ok...imagine running those hills in 20 degrees?!? I'll be back again next year. Thanks to all marshals, helpers etc. you guys are so important for a good race

Janet McRoberts


Once again thanks go out to all the volunteers who stood around in the rain and helped with marshalling, drinks stations, start/finish helpers and those who risked life and limb to stand at the main road junction, without helpers and volunteers we would not be able to race so many thanks again to you all. Well done to the organising committee for another great event

Kevin Tuloch, Metro Aberdeen Running Club


Thanks to all of the organising committee and people supporting thro sponsorship, water stations, communications, marshalling, policing and medical cover, 'goody-bags' etc., etc., for another fantastic event. The organisation was fantastic and to get a medal into the bargain was the icing on the cake. Well done to all the jogscotland Stonehaven runners (and supporters) who all did remarkably well, many for the first time ever over this distance. It really is appreciated.

Gordon Mitchell jogscotland Stonehaven

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